Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rue de Lappe, 11eme

Bassin de Bastille

My god the city is beautiful today, Quai d Anjou 4eme

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The greatest Restaurant in the World, 3eme

Location classified.
This was Mitterands favourite restaurant.
Would like to grow old in this place.

Monsieur Qui, Rue Trouseau, 11eme

Friday, October 29, 2010

Immense Wall, 19eme

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everyone a Winner, Place Bastille

White Tower, 1ere

Monday, October 18, 2010

The idream app, Black Sea, North Atlantic

I dreamt that in California the Apple corporation  had invented the  idream "app" for their little telephone. If you put your iphone next to your bed it could capture a photograph of what you were dreaming of.

So i bought it,  downloaded it,  but it didnt work. Every morning when i eagerly checked the pictures all I ever got was the same  image of a distant black sea. I was so angry, so i called Steve Jobs to tell him the app didn't work and  i wanted my goddamn 75 cents back. When he picked up the telephone he was very quiet and sympathetic, like some kind of angel and he listened for a long time to what i had  to say,  and at the end of my complaint he told me he was so sorry but it wasn't his apple that was broken it was my dreams.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Freize Art Fair, London, stuffed textile graffiti

The Wheatsheaf we have moved, London


 The Wheatsheaf we have moved.

Fresh Hot Pies, Borough Market, under london bridge

The great red bus trundles, very slowly towards the river.,
Through another dull hangover buzz i watch from the upper deck.
I am not in my city i have no responsibilities here, this is almost leisure.
An endless grey city  unfolds with such beauty in its fabric.
In the "The City" magnificent buildings, sit in their ridiculously cramped locations.
There the bank of England, (in a few hours from now, sitting for rich hours in the observation deck of  the Tate modern, G will tell me something wondrous about its architect Sir John Soane and his tragic draughstman Gandy). 
But now descend at London Bridge, and quickly deeper under the bridges into another world. The Borough Food Market, the smell rushes up, you are not prepared for its delicious power, all is weaved within it, rich Meats and cheeses, freshest of vegetables, vast skillets of exotic curries, Tarteflet, breads. homemade pate, golden pastries, food heaped upon food like barricades Your mouth has become very wet,
This autumn air is sharp cold and feel the cooking warm your skin as you pass as the odour seeps into your head as the crunchy colours spring upon your eyes.
And then, you see the sign "fresh hot pies!" and it is all too much.

Soho Square, London

Back in the smoke. Been a long time.
London, returning to my old home. All this was my home.
Moving through it, it is truly endless, magnificent.
A massive wonderous machine cranking beneath and around you.
Returning to my old home.
The day wears on  I slowly realize I am not known here,  I have been completely and  utterly forgotten and i am frightened.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label show, Paris

The Show is so late to start , the heavy hour passes the beautiful glittering crowd becomes very restless.
It is not her fault Lanvin is running late we are waiting for their audience to transfer. 
The front row is indeed sparse and  for a while now the most audacious (and beautiful) of fashion students keep trying to poach these prized locations. But they are sweet and naive, this will never happen and they are beaten back time after time.

We begin, it erupts, all is forgiven, The show is wonderful, the shapes perfect, it looks so easy, Fascinating make up and hair with mud/plaster half masks. ideas everywhere, and she herself looks so happy, yes that is it  the show is happy, human and joyous.