Monday, June 27, 2011

Rue Alphonse Baudin, 11eme

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Unicorn in Dalston, North london

Had forgotten the brutal raw energy of London (again). In Dalston Turks and Hipsters cohabit. Its truly impressive, there's things going on and clearly i cant keep up.  Edge.

The magnificent blue tiled mosque rises up onion domes and all. Probably be transformed into a fantastic boutique hotel in a few years time, the toast of the capital for a fortnight.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Royal Ascot, England

Off the Eurostar then fast down to Waterloo. Waterloo Station has become enchanted, throngs of finely dressed people buzz with excitement. Top-hats everywhere, like something from another time or Harry Potter. Another train to Ascot is leaving a surge onto the train where champagne is already flowing. The train is crushed impossible to move your arms, horribly hot but everyone is laughing, fragile ladies hats are protected, they are giggling. Pass fast through London suburbs then open English fields. At Ascot we are thousands moving through the station, and there is no one who isn't smiling. A torrential downpour arrive s from nowhere but it is just more amusement as all run squealing for cover. The racecourse is magnificent under a wild bright sky. We are so warmly received, drinks, the queen arrives in her carriage the stadium erupts.
Good food is served endlessly and the first race, frantic calls are made for tips, no source is too spurious. The afternoon passes so quickly and on the last race win almost 300 pounds, it is a magical and unreal end. We all drift, drinks in hand, hats at a more relaxed angle, lazily, contentedly from the stadium. And near the gates we realize the great singing has begun around the bandstand. Everyone is together flags have appeared, everyone is singing, everyone is together.

Never in my life have I seen such a vast mass of people all so utterly and completely joyous. And I feel so proud of this sceptered isle.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hotel Negresco shoot, Nice , the bay of angels

The Hotel Negresco is a listed monument it sits in front of the bluest sea.
It is filled with priceless art from another age and also worthless art of the present. The owner, a wonderful old woman, has taken the entire fifth floor as her home. In the dining room of the michelin starred restaurant her table sits ever ready. Respect.

An ancient carousel has been dismembered to decorate the bistro. Every hour it springs to life, beautiful antique wooden horses dance above your table to a real fairground music box jangle whilst little scary dolls clash miniature cymbals. The waiters here must go completely insane.