Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Night shoot, Angelinas Cafe, Rue de Rivoli 1ere

I finally took my broken boot to the menders.
I saw a man on the boulevard with an axe.
I called up the beautiful girl.

The cobbler made shoes for clowns in the circus across the road and when i paid him I realised he was crippled.
And all the rest didn't go as it should either.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jean Paul Goude exposition Musée arts decoratives 1ere.

A robot Grace Jones head revolves slowly in a far off desert.
Her robot eyes flip open shooting lasers.
I am with the beautiful girl, this is our first date, but im not sure she knows we are on a date,  I try to impress her with the manner in which I look at the exhibition (but I just look ridiculous.)
In the atrium there is a full size locomotive engine and a real Russian princess (who moves on hidden wheels) spinning around the visitors offering gifts.

You would have to be dead not to love all this.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Landing Aberdeen, Scotland

A raw Xmas.
But my father unbreakable.

We say goodbye and I kiss him, we both think the same thing.
I leave.
But then he walks (with great effort) out onto the drive to wave properly goodbye, the furthest he has moved for weeks.

If I am lucky he has probably made me unbreakable too.
We live in a soft time of talking and forget there was once another way.
I drive to meet the boat we both think the same thing.