Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chalk Lion, Rue Du Ponts aux Choux, 3eme

Tables midi, Rue De Charonne, 11eme

Wisteria blossom and rust, Rue Saint Sabin, 11eme

Change is coming here to the magic Kingdom. We are not sure of  the future, this perfect place suddenly seems so fragile.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Devil Cat, Rue Saint Sabin, 11eme

The face the black cat makes when she think s i am  not looking.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lucien Freud, Pompideu Centre 3eme

Today I went to the Freud exhibition  at Pompideu.

It was the last 3 days , a reprieve,  I forced myself, i knew it would haunt my for years if i missed another giant passing.
I  knew Freud. When we were young painters in the riding#,  on the noble Barnsley College of Art Foundation Course ,  to paint as Freud was the only logical conclusion. We too ordained paint as flesh. Without exaggeration there was nothing else. An artist for the proletariat, three years out of the great Miners strike.

And face to face  , i was struck by what an egalitarian  artist he really  is, no hip concept, no zeitgiest, just paint and a room, repeat. Anybody can have that. You have no excuse. Nobody is keeping you down.

Disturbed me as i knew it would. I was hiding from it. To see a mans singular unwavering vision for half a century, the weight of such a body of work.  Only an idiot would not question himself, what have i been doing with my life.

What did you do today?
#Since Viking rule, Yorkshire has had three ridings,[3][4][5] North, West and East

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bastille Day, Chez Marc, Rue Saint Sabin 11eme

The sky was black today.
Fighter planes roared over the city.
Today was Bastille day, the grand celebration.
The storm broke after the military parade, wild torrential rains killing people in the provinces. I ran to Jardin des plantes, over an empty bridge, no one on the streets but tanks and soldiers, and the sky was black, this is what the end will look like.

Marche de Bastille , 11eme

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Rue Sedain, 11eme

Funky Denver, Boulevard Richard Lenoir 11eme

Dont know who funky denver are?
But i like that dinosaur paying guitar, he looks well happy.

Eels, Rue de Belleville 19 eme

Live Eels for sale in Belleville,

Rue Sedaine, 11eme

In the window of a chinese wholesale clothes store, most desperate manequin