Monday, October 18, 2010

The idream app, Black Sea, North Atlantic

I dreamt that in California the Apple corporation  had invented the  idream "app" for their little telephone. If you put your iphone next to your bed it could capture a photograph of what you were dreaming of.

So i bought it,  downloaded it,  but it didnt work. Every morning when i eagerly checked the pictures all I ever got was the same  image of a distant black sea. I was so angry, so i called Steve Jobs to tell him the app didn't work and  i wanted my goddamn 75 cents back. When he picked up the telephone he was very quiet and sympathetic, like some kind of angel and he listened for a long time to what i had  to say,  and at the end of my complaint he told me he was so sorry but it wasn't his apple that was broken it was my dreams.